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About me

I fell in love with the idea of making something with clay, functional but attractive. I have always wanted to make things which are unique and obviously made by me.

I love to pick up a piece of pottery and feel how it was made with the finger marks, shapes made by the hand and the finishing executed with an obviously human touch.

After years of not knowing where to start, I finally took some evening classes and was hooked! I started out handbuilding and truly believe that despite my love of throwing, it was an essential part of my journey and lesson. Handbuilding taught me a lot about how clay works; how it can be reused, recycled, changed and altered in so many ways.

I continued with evening classes for many years, eventually becoming confident enough to buy a wheel and set up my own studio.

I feel that I discovered my love of clay a bit too late in life and therefore, it’s my part time love and not my full time job. At least for now!

I work in my studio at home, in my garden as often as I can. I have a long list of ideas and plans and am always trying to improve with each finished piece.

Thank you for viewing my site. Please ask if there is anything else you’d like to know!

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